Activities Hotel Sabana Park, Cajicá

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Unique and unparalleled moments

You have many options when it comes to activities at Hotel Sabana Park. From extreme sports to gorgeous places to visit, there are as many possibilities as there are preferences. Discover all the surprises that the savanna has in store for you!

Paragliding in Sopo

Fly high with the full security and confidence of doing it with certified instructors. Appreciate the landscape from a unique perspective, overcome your fears and live an experience you will never forget.

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Fontanar shopping mall

Explore this charming and stylish option. If you want a quieter activity or something to do while you shelter from the rain, you can go shopping or simply take a stroll in the Fontanar shopping center. This space brings together the most varied, best and most exclusive brands. You will also find movie theaters, with a variety of titles on the program so you can keep up with the latest film releases.

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Restaurants in the savanna

Regardless of what you like to eat, we are sure you will enjoy the great variety of restaurants, which will allow you to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the area at your leisure. Taste a wide variety of desserts and typical dishes while admiring nature and the beauty of the surroundings.

Golf Club

Is golf your sport? Excellent! In the town of Cajicá, where Hotel Sabana Park is located, there are ranges and clubs where you can practice your favorite sport. Prepare your attire and your best moves and get ready to leave everything in the game no matter if you are an amateur or a professional player.

Extreme sports in Tabio

If you like thrills and outdoor activities, in Tabio you will find options for those who are beginners and for those who are experienced, always with the care and precautions that these sports require. Feel the adrenaline rush suitable only for the bravest.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

It is a large underground church made of salt, more than 180 meters below the ground. The temple is completely carved in salt, which makes it unique among churches, a remarkable achievement of local architecture. Take advantage of your visit to buy handicrafts and appreciate the beautiful colonial architecture of Zipaquirá.

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